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Hi all

Hope this mail finds you safe and well. We have some interesting new posters to share with you this week. West Side Story is one of the most popular musicals of all time and with a Steven Spielberg-directed remake set for December 2021, it’s a film we will be hearing a lot more about. The poster you see below is from the film’s first release in 1961. This is a rarer first print and subsequent posters for the film carry Oscar statuettes in recognition of the film sweeping the Academy Awards in 1962. The poster is in great condition, linen-backed, and ready to frame.

On the subject of Oscars, we also have a relatively new UK Bus Stop poster for the film Titanic. At 40 x 60 inches, it is wonderful in scale which you can see in the image below. This poster is rolled and in near-mint condition. The 3rd poster to share is for a much edgier film. Casino is one of the best gangster films of all time. There are two poster styles for the film but the one below is the more recognisable. 

One last note, an important James Bond piece we shared last weekend was subsequently sold by a prominent Auction House at 10x the price it is (still) listed on our site. Haven’t figured it out? Let us know and we will explain.

All the best!


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