The posters on our site will likely have been used for promotional purposes when the movie was released or re-released. Having said that we strive to buy a quality of poster we would be happy to hang on our own wall or shop. No single standard exists for grading of cinema posters and different dealers and auctions houses may use different grading systems.

For this reason, we thought it would be useful to do a comparison between our grading system and scores between 1 and 10 and alpha scores.

Mint A+ 10
Near Mint A 9
Very Fine A- 8
Fine B+ 7
Very Good B 6
Good B- 5
Fair C 4
Poor C- 3
Very Poor D 2

A flawless poster that will be in the exact same condition as the day it was printed with no marks or fading.

Near Mint
This poster will be in excellent conditions and if it has a blemish or mark it will be barely noticeable.

Very Fine
A poster that may have more than one very minor flaws, a minor tear or some barely visible signs of restoration. Colour in outstanding condition.

A fine poster while still very presentable may have some edge damage, show clearer signs of restoration or have multiple nicks to the surface. If a folded poster there may be loss of colour along the folds.

Very Good
An average poster that shows multiple pinholes, tears that are clearly visible or possible tape stains. Colours are still good but the paper may have yellowed.

Good and Below Good
This poster will show serious signs of wear and tears, fading of colours, tear marks and/or noticeable repair work.



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