About Our Back to the Future  Cinema Posters

There are several reasons the Back to the Future movie series has captured the interest of cinema poster lovers.  The 3 movies which were released in 1985, 1987, and 1990 are much loved. Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly who befriends mad scientist Doc (Christopher Lloyd).  Both are lovable characters.  Marty is the kind and compassionate kid and Doc the brilliant scientist who has invented a time machine. The time machine which features prominently in nearly every movie poster for the film is, of course, the completely unique De Lorean car. The artwork for the film posters, produced by Drew Struzan, is instantly recognisable. The poster for the first film features Marty and the De Lorean, the poster for the 2nd film is almost identical with the addition of Doc’ characters while Clara Clayton joins the duo in the poster for Back to the Future 3. In addition to the first release posters for the film series, there are several brilliant re-release posters and we have stocked them all at some point in time.

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