If you have just bought a beautiful movie poster and you want to give it the display it deserves while preventing it from aging, you may want to consider custom conservation framing. This is something we can certainly help with.

Let us begin by explaining the service we can offer and the pricing.  Around 90% of the posters on our website are sized at 40 x 30 inches (UK Quad) or 40 x 27 inches (US One Sheet). The cost to custom frame one of these posters (using conservation framing best practice) is £210. The cost is £250 for posters not purchased from Cinema Poster Gallery. This price includes delivery to a UK address. We offer one style of framing, the black wooden frame with a white mount as per the photos you see in this article. This streamlined approach enables us to offer what we feel are very competitive prices for the service.

The posters are expertly packaged (as per the photos you see below) and delivered by courier to your door. We are currently working on website functionality that enables buyers to add this service to their basket when checking out. If for any reason you cannot add custom framing when checking out, please get in touch and we can help.

We will now discuss some considerations when deciding on whether to purchase custom & conservation framing.

Custom Framed Poster Delivered in a 'Pizza Box' Style Packaging

Custom Framed Poster Delivered in a ‘Pizza Box’ Style Packaging

Conservation Framing

Conservation framing has a number of characteristics that protect the poster.

Glazing – Glazing can take the form of glass or Perspex. To be considered conservation-grade, a picture’s glazing must be UV resistant. While is always recommended not to hang a poster in direct sunlight, the glazing we offer is at least 93% UV resistant. The glazing we use is Perspex which enables our frames to be safely sent by courier. Perspex is a much lighter material than glass and we feel the appearance of our Perspex glazing is as good as glass.

Mount – The mount is the white border you see between the picture and frame. In our minds, a mount improves the appearance of a framed poster but it also provides a conservation function by preventing the glazing from coming into contact with the poster. The mount effectively acts as a buffer.

Sealing- if you look at pictures you can see how the frame has been sealed at the back with specialist conservation tape. This prevents vapor, dust, or any unwanted material from getting near the artwork.

Materials – Materials use in conservation framing are always non-acidic. This negates the risk of any materials ‘bleeding’ onto the artwork.

Purpose sealing of a custom framed cinema poster.

Purpose sealing of a custom framed cinema poster.

That’s the conservation part of the process explained We now discuss some advantages of custom framing.

Custom Framing

Bespoke – With custom Framing the frame and the mount will be made specifically for a poster. This will ensure that the poster perfectly fits with both the frame and the mount.

Responsibility – By selecting custom framing one can avoid two (often tricky) tasks involved in framing a movie poster. The avoided tasks are selecting a frame and actually putting the poster into the frame. Selecting an off-the-shelf/out-of-the-box frame can be tricky as there is a huge range of products available on the market.

We discuss out-of-the-box framing options in this article. Prices for 30 x 40 inch off-the-shelf (non-snap) frames start at around £100. If you buy an off-the-shelf frame you will also have to put the picture into the frame. The work (and risk) is avoided with custom framing. An expert framer does the task and you will only have to unpack and hang the poster.

We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

Image of a Cinema Poster framed and hung on a wall.

Image of a Cinema Poster framed and hung on a wall.

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