No country has a wider range of cinema poster sizes than the US. Hollywood is, of course, considered the birthplace of the modern film industry and for the past 100 years, the largest Film Studios…
Posted on 15th May 2021
As discussed in last week’s blog about the 4 most common posters we stock on the Cinema Poster Gallery, the Quad has been the standard UK cinema poster since the 1930s. In this article, we…
Posted on 29th April 2021
Last week’s blog article on our website about BANKSY got us thinking about the similarities, and differences, between the market for cinema posters and other types of Fine Art. In this article, by answering a…
Posted on 2nd April 2021
As lockdown grinds on we run out of box sets and films to watch. A friend recently claimed to have completed Netflix!!  For this reason, we thought it worth suggesting some movies you may not…
Posted on 12th March 2021
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