Apocalypto (2006) US One Sheet Poster


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This is an original double-sided cinema poster in near mint condition for the film Apocalypto. Academy Award winning director Mel Gibson (‘Braveheart,’ ‘The Passion of the Christ’) presents the most brutal film of his career: a powerful and unflinching look into one of mankind’s darkest hours. Apocalypto is a breathtaking adventure set in ancient Mesoamerica that follows a man on a quest for freedom that is at once thrilling, terrifying and uplifting.

Set in a vast Mayan world inexplicably abandoned centuries ago, Apocalypto is a harrowing but stunning statement about the human spirit. As their empire crumbles around them, warring tribes engage in bloody conflicts over dwindling resources as bloodthirsty rogues threaten to destroy everything with fire and sword.

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40 x 27 Inches


Near Mint



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