James Bond: You Only Live Twice (1967) US Subway Style C (Bath) Poster


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This is a original US Subway for the film ‘You Only Live Twice’. Three styles were produced to promote the release of ‘You Only Live Twice’ in both Britain and the US. Of the three styles the Style C (Bath Scene) photograph is the most popular. The main artwork shows Bond being attended to by exotic, bikini-clad girls. The picture has many subtle signs of the year the poster was produced. The image is deliberately risqué, reflecting the new 1970s mood of sexual liberation. The tagline emphasises that Sean Connery is the one and only James Bond, perhaps a veiled put-down of Casino Royal, the Bond spoof released that year.

The artwork is unmistakably Robert McGinnis while the great children’s author and ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ creator Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay and is named in the poster’s credits. US Subway posters are quite stunning in their scale and this rolled poster is no exception. It does however have 6-8 inch tear that has been repaired with tape at the back. No other restoration has been done or is required to this stunning picture.

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