James Bond: Octopussy (1983) Original UK Quad Poster


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This is an original UK Quad Poster for the film Octopussy. The poster is rare as its dimensions are 41 x 31 inches, an inch longer and wider than the standard UK quad. It is likely to have never been trimmed after printing. The poster features a tuxedo-clad, gun-wielding Roger Moore and the female lead Octopussy played by Maud Adams. Adams’s six arms hold a martini glass, straighten Bonds tuxedo, hair, and bow tie and also ominously stroke the silencer of his gun.

The tagline ‘James Bond’s all time high!’ references the movies title song, sang by Rita Coolidge. The main artwork is by US artist Dan Gotzee and the background scenes are by Italian artist Renato Casaro.

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41 x 31 Inches




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