4 12, 2021

Gift Cards

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Unsure of what gift to buy the poster lover in your life? We have it covered... Cinema Poster Gallery has a selection of gift cards available for sale. They come in denominations of £100, £250, £500, £1000 or a custom amount of your choosing. The gift cards envelopes and stationery are beautifully appointed, making these a Cinema Poster Gallery Gift Card a most classy of presents. The vouchers can be used for posters and custom framing. If there is a poster that isn't available on the site, we will work tirelessly to source a copy. More information can be found [...]

28 08, 2021

Cinema Posters in the News

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Cinema Posters made the national newspapers this week in the form of an article in the Telegraph, accompanied by an image of a UK cinema poster for 'For Your Eyes Only'. The reason for the coverage, as is often the case, is an upcoming auction at Sotheby's. The auction takes place on 7th September 21 and the full catalogue can be found on Sotheby's website. According to an expert from the auction, while Sean Connery James Bond posters remain the most popular. However, Roger Moore James Bond posters have doubled in value in the last 5 years. Another point from [...]

20 08, 2021

Most Coveted Modern Batman Poster?

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Batman was first seen in the cinema in 1943 and this film was followed by a Batman and Robin movie in 1946. Adam West's Batman arrived on the big screen in 1966 in a movie that was based on the television series. Many readers will remember the tights worn by Batman and Robin and the 'POW', 'BAM', 'SMACK' exclamations that accompanied the fight scenes. Posters for these films are, of course, highly desirable, rare and expensive. In the past 40 years there have been many films beginning with Michael Keaton's 1989 portrayal of Batman in a Tim Burton directed film. [...]

2 04, 2021

Cinema Posters as Fine Art

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Last week’s blog article on our website about BANKSY got us thinking about the similarities, and differences, between the market for cinema posters and other types of Fine Art. In this article, by answering a series of questions, we compare the two markets. What is Fine Art? The Cambridge Dictionary provides a good definition. Fine Art is drawings, paintings, and sculptures that are admired for their beauty and have no practical use. Are cinema posters considered to be Fine Art? A cinema poster is initially printed for a practical reason – to promote a film. At a later stage when [...]

25 03, 2021

Investing in BANKSY through Cinema Posters

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Few if any artists alive today command as much attention as BANKSY. Any new work attributed to the artist delights audiences and is beamed by news stations around the world. Quite simply BANKSY is a phenomenon and a very 21st Century phenomenon. His popularity has led to huge demand for his artwork. Fortunately, our humble pastime of collecting cinema posters has been sprinkled with some BANKSY magic via the release of his 2010 documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’. In this article, we will discuss in broad terms how the market for BANKSY’s artworks, and the effect this has had [...]

2 03, 2021

No Time to Die April 2020 UK Quad Poster

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No other poster has attracted as much interest or as many sales in the past 12 months as the No Time to Die April 2020 UK Quad Poster. The scheduled ‘April 2’ release date can be seen on the poster. Uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic in the UK may have been at its peak at this time. Lockdown in the UK began on 23rd March 20, cinemas were closed, and the release of the movie has been postponed. The historical significance of the delay is of course a major reason why the poster has proved to be so popular. A [...]

23 02, 2021

First $1 million Cinema Poster Sold at Auction last week!!

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While browsing a posters forum this week we found a discussion about this highly significant sale of a cinema poster that took place at a relatively obscure auctioneers in Texas. It indicates that a cinema poster for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis sold at auction on the 18th February 2021 for a hammer price of $1.13m USD. This makes this the most expensive cinema poster to ever sell at an auction. More significantly, it is also the first individual cinema poster to sell at auction for more than $1 million USD. Surprisingly there has been little media coverage of the sale for [...]

20 11, 2020

Sotheby’s James Bond Poster Auction – We crunch the numbers!

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Every few years one of London’s venerable auction houses, Christie's or Sotheby’s, open their doors to our humble pastime and provide some eye-popping results. The 13 November 2020 auction of James Bond posters was of particular interest to us and we decided to examine the results, hoping to gain insights into some of these questions - Which country of origin has the most valuable Bond Cinema Posters? Which Bond actor features in the most valuable posters? Which Bond film has the most valuable posters? There were 199 lots in total but we only analysed Cinema Posters and Cinema Stills. Items, [...]

19 09, 2020

3 Yellow Grail Posters… and 3 more affordable alternatives

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There is undoubtedly a prevalence of the colour yellow in UK quads we consider to be grail posters. We look at 3 of these grail posters and 3 more attainable alternatives that can be purchased on the Cinema Poster Gallery site. There is little explanation needed for why Dr. No (1967) UK quad poster is so covetable. A copy in any kind of reasonable condition cannot be obtained for under £10,000 and a copy sold in Sotheby’s last year for £87,500 ex fees pushing the cost price into 6 figures. A Dr. No poster from the film's first 1967 release [...]

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